WWII Veteran Serves His Community by Donating Vehicle to Wheelz2Work

Retired Marine Corps. Corporal Dr. Aaron Levin, who served his country from 1942-1946 during World War II, in the same squadron as Astronaut John Glenn, is also serving his community by donating his Subaru Legacy to the Bucks County Opportunity Council (BCOC)’s Wheelz2Work Program.

Dr. Levin is 100 years old and no longer drives. Instead of selling his car, Dr. Levin chose to change the life of a Bucks County family working to leave poverty. This car served him well, even making the trip to a WWII reunion a few years ago, but he is excited for the new owner, Chanelle, to make her own memories with it. Dr. Levin’s choice to support the Wheelz2Work Program shows his devotion to continue to serve his community.

The Wheelz2Work Program is a partnership between BCOC, Bucks County Community College and the Epstein Humanitarian Fund with support from Univest Financial. Donated vehicles are given to low-income families enrolled in BCOC’s Economic Self-Sufficiency (ES) Program who need safe, reliable private transportation for work or school. It is the only program in the county that takes donated vehicles and gives them directly to local families.

Those who donate to the Wheelz2Work Program, like Dr. Levin, help change the lives of BCOC’s ES Participants, like Chanelle, who have been derailed from pursuing additional training, job interviews or have been unable to apply for higher paying jobs at a greater distance from home because of unsafe or unreliable transportation.

“When I learned my name was up next for a Wheelz2Work car I was overjoyed,” said Chanelle. “I recently accepted a new position at a rehabilitation facility about 40 minutes from home, so having this car makes it easier to relax while taking care of others and ensuring that I get to pick up my 7-year-old safely.”

Dr. Levin’s donation will add to the program’s total of over 85 used cars that have been donated. Chanelle will be provided with much needed transportation as she pursues her journey to self-sufficiency.

“To Dr. Aaron Levin, thank you for your service and your generosity in caring for our community. You have my deepest thanks,” said Chanelle.  “To the Opportunity Council, I’ll never forget your support and kindness.”

On behalf of the Bucks County Opportunity Council, we would also like to thank Dr. Aaron Levin for his service to our country and to our Bucks County community.

Donated Subaru Legacy

For details on how to participate in the Wheelz2Work Program, visit the wheelz2work.com or contact Eileen Albillar, 215-345-8175, ext. 209 or email ealbillar@bcoc.org.