Coaches On Campus

Are you a student at Bucks County Community College?

Do you need support to stay enrolled in classes and work towards your degree?

Come visit Coaches on Campus to get the financial and coaching support you need!

Who are the Coaches on Campus?

Our Economic Self Sufficiency (ES) Coaches are at Bucks County Community College to offer our individualized and personalized services. They are equipped with both the financial resources and counseling skills to assist low-income students in reaching their financial goals.

What can Coaches help me with now?

Coaches can help students with short-term financial emergencies. For instance, coaches can help students with resources like food, gas gift cards, rent and utility assistance, and childcare. They can also help students get the tools and technology needed to complete schoolwork like laptops, WIFI, textbooks, and other materials.

What can Coaches help me with long-term?

Coaches can help students plan for long-term financial success through our ES program, which allows students to work with coaches for up to 5 years to become financially independent by obtaining employment that pays a living wage. This program gives students access to scholarships, help with budgeting, and the Wheelz2Work program, a program that provides clients with opportunities to secure transportation through our donated car program. Our goal is to help students stay enrolled in college through graduation with one-on-one coaching and supportive accountability.

When can I find coaches?

Coaches are at the Newtown campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Additionally, inquiries about coaching referrals can be made online by clicking the green button above to complete the online form.

Where are the coaches on campus?

At the Newtown campus, BCOC coaches are in Student Services offices downstairs at the Rollins Center and available for drop-in appointments. You can find us in Office 11, but just ask the front desk where we are once you get to Student Services. Additionally, we are also available to meet with students via Zoom, Monday – Friday if that is more convenient for you.

Why are we on campus?

The Bucks County Opportunity Council and the Bucks County Community College are partnering to help college students stay in school when challenges arise, so they can graduate and continue on their path to self-sufficiency.

Are coaching services just for Bucks County Community College Students?

No! All of our services are for all of our clients. If you are interested in services and are not a college student, call the Bristol Client Services Office at 215-781-2661, Doylestown Client Services at 267-733-0529 Quakertown Client Services at 215-536-0353, or check out other pages on our website for more information about our resources.