Weatherization Services


In 2021-22, 197 Houses Were Weatherized Through BCOC’s Weatherization Services

Two main types of Weatherization help for homeowners and renters are available through Bucks County Opportunity Council:

  • Our Weatherization Services, which facilitate home repairs and energy conservation projects that reduce the utility costs for people on fixed and low incomes.
  • The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) which provides grants for fuel and free heater repair during the heating season. 

If you have a limited income but pay high energy bills, our Weatherization Program may be able to help you reduce those costs and make your home more comfortable and safe in all seasons.

An Opportunity Council Home Energy Conservation Auditor will inspect your home and deliver a report including safety and health measures that need to be addressed. The Auditor tests heaters, hot water heaters, gas stoves and all major appliances for safety and efficiency, and may make recommendations for certain measures such as caulking windows, weather-stripping doors, insulating the attic, or tuning the heater. 

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Qualified professionals install recommended measures such as insulation, air sealing and heater improvements. An educational component is provided to further involve residents in managing their home systems. The Auditor then returns for an inspection to ensure that all work is completed to meet or exceed industry standards for safety and energy efficiency.

The result: Your energy bills will be lower and you will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer! Annual household savings on energy costs average around $500. It also improves the value and durability of the home, and reduces pollution and our dependence on fuel imports and extraction.

The Weatherization Program is free to eligible applicants. The program may be funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Bucks County Opportunity Council. There is no charge to apply for
Weatherization Services.

How to Apply

Email the Home Weatherization and Energy Conservation Program at or call 215-536-5491. You can download the Weatherization Prescreen form and email it to  

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Who Is Eligible for the Weatherization Program?

LIHEAP is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program which provides grants for fuel and free heater repair during the heating season.

There are two types of LIHEAP assistance for which you may be eligible. In some cases, an individual household may be eligible for both LIHEAP grants.

  1. Cash Grant Assistance – A cash grant for fuel, including electric ($100-$1,000).
  2. CRISIS Assistance – For those who are without heat or in immediate danger of being without heat (up to $500). CRISIS services also include free repair of your broken heater, assistance with preventing electric shut-off, and assistance when you have little or no fuel.

If your home’s heating system is not working properly, the LIHEAP program may be able to fix it free of charge. To report a broken heater, Bucks Country residents may call the LIHEAP Information Line at 215-781-3393 or Weatherization at the Bucks County Opportunity Council, at 215-536-5491.  

If you have received a shut-off notice, all LIHEAP benefits must be exhausted before the Bucks County Opportunity Council can offer assistance.

  • You must be a resident of Bucks County.
  • Your income, which will be verified by BCOC staff, must indicate that your income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level for the past 12 months. View the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Homeowners, as well as renters, are eligible for this program. A landlord’s signed approval is mandatory if you rent your residence. A landlord contribution may be required.
  • The home must be structurally sound and in compliance with all local and applicable codes in order to be eligible. This will be determined by the BCOC auditor.