Success Stories

Our graduates have wonderful stories to tell and we are proud to share some of them with you.



Christina's Story

Christina came to the Opportunity Council in the Summer of 2018 after being referred to us by the YWCA. She was looking to work on budgeting skills and prioritizing her monthly bills to help keep her on track.

While in the ES program, Christina enrolled in the Housing Group’s Boot Camp for First-time Homeowners. She worked on rebuilding her credit and decreasing her debt. This program awarded Christina $10,000 towards her first home. Christina also enrolled in BCOC’s Matched Savings Program and was able to save $6,000 of her own money.

Christina was not only raising her own son while going through the program but she also was awarded custody of her niece and nephew in 2019 and completed her family. Christina appreciated the assistance she received from our back-to-school and Christmas programs each year.

Christina reached her goal of owning a house in the fall of 2019. She thrives off making it a loving home and safe environment for her niece and nephew. She is currently employed as a Project Manager.

Christopher's Story

When Christopher came to BCOC, he was looking for help to move forward but was unsure what direction to take to stop the economic struggle in his daily life.

Christopher was receiving unemployment but knew it would not last forever. Christopher’s coach talked to him about the certification programs at Bucks County Community College. Christopher was ready to start the Metalwork Pre-Apprentice Training Program but unfortunately, Christopher got sick and he could not start the program. After a little time passed, Christopher’s coach suggested studying something different and mentioned that Bucks offers Electro-Mechanical Training. Christopher got his certification and got a full-time job with an excellent salary.

Christopher is a fighter. He qualifies for full-time disability due to his medical condition but chooses to work as long as he is able to.

Christopher is planning to obtain his Engineering Degree in the future.

Allison's Story

In December 2020, Allison started her journey with ES by receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and participating in the EARN Program, which helps families seeking employment. Now, Allison is a certified electrician!

Throughout her time in the ES program, Allison was able to make the most of the assistance offered to her. Allison was in a terrible car accident but received a van for work from BCOC’s Wheelz2Work program. This program provides ES families with a donated vehicle because transportation is one of the main barriers to self-sufficiency. The support she received helped her continue her employment, provide gas and food for the family, and fund summer camps for her children.

The Adopt-A-Family program helped Allison’s family purchase holiday gifts. The Healthy Family Initiative Program provided gymnastics classes and season passes to Dorney Park for the whole family.

Allison also started a Match Savings Account with the goal of homeownership, which she plans to use to save for a down payment on a house in the near future.

Allison also plans on getting her journeyman’s electrician’s license.

Najah's Story

Najah endured quite a few devastating events, and life in Philadelphia was no longer suited for this mother of a young child. She decided to move herself and her son to Yardley to stay with family in a safer environment.

Najah did receive her master’s in adult education and training, but being out of the workforce for almost two years was stifling her search. This resulted in employment as a Bartender at a local casino, but Najah wanted more.

Najah did some research and found our website and submitted an inquiry for more information about our program. She was contacted by an ES Coach and they immediately got started working with our employment specialist. Najah made finding a job her top priority besides her son. She took any advice that was given to her.

BCOC’s ES Supervisor met with staff at the Bucks County Community College to discuss partnering with our ES participants for employment opportunities at the college. Najah is now utilizing her degree and working with the students at the Community College as a Career Counselor.

Najah made a goal for herself when she came to BCOC last April and she has successfully accomplished it.